Business Process Management

Akron Crowdsource Management can help your company to become more flexible by transforming fixed into variable costs. The top advantages to be with us are to save money and increase time to focus on the core business. Our services focus on:

  • Speed and efficiencies on the outsourced business processes are enhanced
  • Freedom and flexibility to choose the most relevant services for the company's operations
  • Quick and accurate reporting
  • Save on resources related to staffing and training

We are into back office outsourcing management which includes internal business functions such as billing or purchasing and front office outsourcing such as Phone conversations, Email, Fax & Other Forms of communication with customers. Our services include both Voice and Non Voice processes.

    • Back office outsourcing:
    • Data entry
    • Page Extraction
    • Data management
    • Surveys
    • Quality Assurance
    • Accounting support.
    • Front office outsourcing includes both Voice and Non Voice, Such as:
    • Telemarketing
    • Customer service/support
    • Technical support/help desk
    • Appointment scheduling
    • Inbound Services
    • Outbound Services
    • Lead Generation and Sales
    • Market research


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