Recruitment Process Management Service

Akron Crowdsource Management can help you to become more flexible by taking on your entire recruitment related task.

  • Our services can help you to get not just strong but quality placements for any job openings available for your clients and that’s too promptly which will save your time and also cost effectively. Our services allow the client get on with the business of being a business.
  • Our Services will help you to achieve higher scores for your client’s score card in which we take the ownership for requirement coverage, Maintaining compliance and policies for your clients, Submission to interview ratio, etc.
  • We present the client with the best candidates for the requirements. All candidates are screened; interview prepped and qualified in every aspect necessary before presenting to client and creating a pipeline for future hiring.
  • Our services will help you to track and trace every stage of the recruitment process which will allow you real-time reporting and detailed insights for quick decision making which will make it a lot easier for future audits of recruitment activity.
  • Advertising is expensive. When you acquire our services, the cost on regular and costly outlets is eliminated.
  • We will be responsible for finding the right candidates. We have all the necessary resources for tracking the strongest available candidates and present them in front you.

    • Industries that we cover:
    • Healthcare
    • Information Technology
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Banking
    • Finance and Accounting
    • Oil and Gas, Energy
    • Human Resource
    • Telecommunication
    • Services that we cover under Recruitment Process Management:
    • 360° Recruitment
    • Audit and compliance
    • Lead generation
    • Database Generation
    • Headhunting
    • Job posting
    • passive search
    • Reference and background checking
    • Resume formatting
    • Screening
    • Sourcing


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